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The heat pump “revolution” has already begun (growing globally at 8.5% per year). It promises dramatic savings for heating appliance operating costs through major leaps in energy efficiency, using climate friendly methods to promote human comfort.

However, electrically-driven heat pumps (the most common so far) have limitations. They cannot match the comfort and economy of conventional furnaces and boilers in cooler climates. Thermally-driven heat pumps (using natural gas, propane, fuel oil, bio-fuels, and even the sun) – provide the energy and climate benefits of heat pumps without sacrificing comfort or convenience – and are now poised to join the revolution.

Over the next decade, thermally-driven heat pumps will replace furnaces, boilers and gas water heaters as the dominant method of supplying the world’s heating needs.

Are you ready to join the revolution?


SMTI has developed cost efffective and scalable component designs that enable sorption heat pumps to compete against “standard” direct-fired heating systems.
Sorption heat pumps are powered by a heat source – natural gas, waste heat, even solar. Sorption heat pumps can provide heating, cooling or refrigeration. Sorption heat pumps use natural refrigerants with Zero GWP and are cost effective for gas-fired heating and heat/solar-fired cooling/refrigeration.

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The premier world-wide supplier of high quality thermal compressors and sealed systems, enabling our partners to offer the most efficient heating products available in the market, customized for their valued customers and applications.

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5th Generation Residential Gas Heat Pump Water Heaters Begin Field Test

Six 5th generation prototype gas heat pump water heaters were recently commissioned.  Five were installed in homes in Southern California while the sixth was sent to a test lab for further evaluation. The units were installed in June of 2018 and will continue operation for 1 year. Prior to installation, one of the prototypes was […]

Commercial Water Heating Field Test Commissioned in NE Tennessee

SMTI’s first commercial water heating field test was commissioned in North East Tennessee in April, 2018. A 140,000 btu/hr gas absorption heat pump prototype was installed at a commercial laundry facility where it will provide base load water heating over the next year.  For ease of installation, the GAHP and a pair of 100 gallon […]

Residential “Combi” Field Test Commissioned in Wisconsin

SMTI’s second residential “combi” field test was commissioned in Wisconsin in February. A Beta model GAHP, nominal 80,000 btu/hr, was installed at a home where it will provide space and water heating through the 2018/2019 heating season. The installation includes an SMTI designed hydronic-to-air indoor coil, a fully modulating air handler and an 80 gallon […]

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