SMTI develops first wall-hung gas-fueled heat pump boiler/furnace for low load buildings

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SMTI completed its first prototype thermally-driven heat pump (TDHP) with a 20,000 BTU/hr (6 kW)  capacity.  Filling out SMTI’s suite of existing prototypes (ranging from 10-140 kBTU/hr), the 6 kW model is well-sized to provide both space and water heating for low-load and net-zero energy homes, as well as individual units in multi-family buildings. This […]

SMTI Demonstrates Prototype Chiller for US Army & Navy

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SMTI hosted representatives from the US Army and Navy to demonstrate our 2RT absorption chiller prototype. The trailer-mounted chiller/engine-generator package, produced 2RT of cooling using the waste heat (exhaust) of the engine. The absorption chiller replaced the electric air conditioner that is normally installed on the trailer, which requires more than half of the electrical […]