SMTI Commissions ‘Heat Pump Furnace’ Field Test Prototypes

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SMTI and its commercialization partners successfully commissioned an 80,000 BTU/hr gas heat pump furnace prototype on two single family residential homes in Wisconsin.  These 3rd generation units will provide all of the heat required by these homes (including hot water in one home) without need for backup, even in that region’s decidedly cold winters.  SMTI’s […]

SMTI Wins DOE Grant

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SMTI Wins DOE Grant to Commercialize Its Residential Furnace ProductSMTI is pleased to announce that it has been selected as an awardee by the US Department of Energy’s Building Technology Office for a $2.7 million grant to accelerate commercialization of a residential heat pump warm-air furnace replacement product.  This innovative grant, a new approach for […]

SMTI Delivers Beta 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP Prototype to GTI

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SMTI delivered a 2nd generation “Beta” prototype to Gas Technology Institute for 3rd party testing. GTI will conduct both steady-state and simulated “real-world” tests at a variety of outside air and delivered water temperatures. The Beta series prototypes incorporate several design improvements from original “Alpha” series prototypes developed and tested under a DOE grant. UPDATE: […]

First 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP Prototype Field Test Unit Installed

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SMTI’s very first 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP prototype (Alpha 1) was installed as a field test unit, in a warehouse heating application. The original proof-of-concept prototype, developed under a DOE grant, is hydronically connected to two ceiling-mounted fan-coils. Each fan-coil is controlled with its own programmable thermostat, creating two distinct heating zones. The 4:1 modulating GAHP […]

SMTI Wins Outstanding Venture Award at NREL Industry Growth Forum

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In a competition with 30 other new ventures presenting at National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s 28th annual clean technologies investor event, Stone Mountain walked away with an Outstanding Venture Award. A panel of judges from amongst the financial community / investor attendees rated each presentation across four criteria. SMTI was one of three winners out of […]